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Програмата на Investigation Discovery

  • 07.00I Was Murdered: One Last Ride
  • 07.25Village Of The Damned: Thirteen Days In Winter
  • 08.15Nightmare Next Door: Cruel Intentions
  • 09.10Swamp Murders: Wrong Side Of The Tracks
  • 10.05Forbidden: Dying for Love: The Sergeant and the Schoolgirl
  • 11.55Village Of The Damned: Episode 3
  • 13.45Swamp Murders: Mystery At Palm Beach
  • 15.35Who Killed Jane Doe?: The Doe In The Wood
  • 16.30Village Of The Damned: Episode 4
  • 17.25Nightmare Next Door: Out of the Past
  • 18.20I Almost Got Away With It: Got Plastic Surgery
  • 19.15Evil Lives Here: The Black Widow
  • 20.10Murder Calls: Tears For My Mother
  • 21.05Reasonable Doubt: Loose Lips
  • 22.00To Catch A Killer: In Broad Daylight
  • 22.55Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions: Rival Affections
  • 23.50What Lies Beneath: Blood Jungle
  • 00.45Blood Runs Cold: One Billboard Outside Tucson
  • 01.40American Monster: Into The Swamp
  • 02.35Murder By Numbers: Rampage
  • 03.30Reasonable Doubt: Loose Lips
  • 04.25Evil Lives Here: The Black Widow