Atom Ant

За филма

Държава: САЩ
Година: 2000
Жанрове: Анимация

"Atom Ant": The muscular Atom Ant (voice of Howard Morris) lived beneath an oak tree in the town of Antville. He obtains his strength from an atom smasher (that doubles as a tele-porter) stored in his laboratory. When Atom Ant picks up distress calls on his antennas he jumps into action shouting "Up and at 'em, Atom Ant". His superhero costume consists of a red jersey with a purple letter "A" over the chest area, purple tights and a white crash helmet. Atom Ant battled such bad guys as Karate Ant, Ferocious Flea and Godzilla Termite. Like Superman, Atom Ant could move at tremendous speeds, lift extremely heavy objects and zoom high into the sky.