Ах, Анди

За филма

Държава: Канада
Година: 2003
Жанрове: Анимация

Режисьор: Ришар Паре

В ролите: (гласове) Иън Джеймс Корлет, Джесика Кардос, Артър Холдън, Сюзън Гловър и др.

"What's with Andy II": a cartoon series that's about the antics of a boy named Andy Larkin, his friend Danny Pickett, and the citizens of East Gackle who he is constantly tricking. He loves to have fun, and prank people. He's enemies with his sister Jen, and Peter Lik & Andrew Leech who are always forcing him to do things (or get beat up). He openly admits he's in love with Lori Mackney. One of these days he will pull enough pranks to get listed in the "World Record Books," but until then he'll have to face the music when pranks go wrong (which is pretty often with him).