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Програмата на Investigation Discovery

  • 05.20I Almost Got Away With It: Got a Bad Temper
  • 06.10Web of Lies: Tainted Love
  • 07.00Who on Earth Did I Marry?: Full of Hot Air
  • 07.25Shadow of Doubt: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster
  • 08.15Blood Relatives: Til We Cheat Again
  • 09.10Web of Lies: Final Sale
  • 10.05Murder Comes to Town: Wicked Witness
  • 11.00Gone: Paradise Lost
  • 11.55Shadow of Doubt: Mergers And Inquisitions
  • 12.50I Almost Got Away With It: Got a Bad Temper
  • 13.45Web of Lies: Tainted Love
  • 14.40Murder Comes to Town: Answering The Call
  • 15.35Scene Of The Crime With Tony Harris: Mystery At Chimney Rock
  • 17.25Blood Relatives: Fresh Heir
  • 19.15Web of Lies: Playing Doctor
  • 20.10Murder Comes to Town: Open Door Policy
  • 22.00Betrayed: Murder On The Menu
  • 22.55Bride Killa: The Ultimate Pledge
  • 23.50Deadly Sins: Killer Grudge
  • 00.45Most Evil: Rage Killers
  • 01.40Betrayed: Murder On The Menu
  • 02.35Bride Killa: The Ultimate Pledge
  • 03.30Deadly Sins: Killer Grudge
  • 04.25Blood Relatives: Fresh Heir