Count Duckula

За филма

Държава: Великобритания
Година: 1988
Жанрове: Анимация

Режисьор: Keith Scoble

В ролите: (гласове) Джак Мей, Браян Трюман, Дейвид Джейсън, Бари Клейтън и др.

"Count Duckula": Count Duckula is an egotistical vegetarian vampire duck who lives in a castle that can travel anywhere he wants to go. He lives with his servants: Nanny, his large and stupid nanny who always has her arm in a sling, and Igor, his evil butler. While Nanny accidentally destroys furniture and Igor attempts to turn the broccoli chomping duck to the dark side, a vampire hunter lurks around with a wooden stake-in-a-gun and unattractive intentions. Although "Duckula" is a spin-off of "Dangermouse", the humor is of a completely different and original style.